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Campus Recruitment

We specialize in organising Campus Recruitment drives. We have promising links with HR management of many top niche companies of Delhi NCR who are always looking out for fresh talent while they are having their education to occupy their vacant seats. Campus hiring is a challenging task and we have pioneered in this!

Direct Placement

We help companies find well qualified and deserving candidate to fill their permanent positions. We start by contacting you and the process goes on by reviewing the direct hire opportunity in detail, matching the qualifications of applicants, cross examining relevance of facts, clean coordination and communication with client and applicant, and ends until the vacant position gets the right fit.

Contractual Recruitment

We have a huge data bank of applicants and still receiving the resumes, that prefer working on contractual basis for companies. From Multi-lingual Experts to Guest Lecturers, CAs, Testing Engineers, Yoga Trainers, Health Advisors, Bloggers - we provide contractual recruitment in almost every field for just a nominal charge.

Temporary Recruitment / Part Time Employees

Temporary Staff can be beneficial for any business on varied situations – be it temporary fulfilling the absent staff, hiring during holidays, or special projects. CPI holds a big database of talented part-time enthusiasts and variedly skilled employees who are ready to work ‘just-in-time’ for your company.