5 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid While Interview


While giving an interview, job seekers are particularly not aware that the interviewer is not hearing and judging your skills, they’re judging more than that. It takes a lot of effort to reach any job interview. But making somebody language mistakes can cost you a job of your dreams. So, make sure you avoid these 5 body language mistakes while giving an interview.

Folding Your Arms

This might seem a normal pose while talking, but our career experts advise job seekers to not to fold the arms while answering the questions. Folding arms or crossing your arms make you look defensive and sometimes hostile. This is something that around one-third of recruiters admitted which they didn’t like and found it a big body language mistake.

Sitting Loose

Career experts say to be relaxed while giving an interview but that in no way means to sit loose. Slumping on the chair doesn’t portray your confidence well. So better square up your shoulders and sit straight while giving an interview. Crossing legs is also not suggested.

Not Having Eye Contact

This is one of the most common mistakes that most of the interviewers have experienced and hated. According to a survey, around 60% of people who were interviewed kept their eyes down which is definitely not good. Keeping an eye-contact doesn’t mean that you have to win in any staring competition. In fact, it is a way to show that you are attentive while listening to interviewer’s questions and confident while giving the answers.

Using Hands Too Much

Now this body language mistake is generally not taken care of. Using hands during a conversation symbolizes that you’re not able to express your verdict or answer properly and hence you need your hands to impose attention on a certain thing. So never overdose an interview with too much hand gestures, keep it to a limit.

The Never-Ending handshake

So, you answered some questions in the right way that doesn’t mean you’ll get the job. Never ever do a long handshake while ending your interview. Just keep it short with one or two handshakes. Interviewers find never-ending handshakes very irritating body language mistake which shows over-confidence of the job seeker.

The best way to master the body language while the interview is to notice and mirror the body language of the interviewer. Hope these tips will work for every job seeker, recruiters and JobPortal .  Keep visiting our blogs for more interesting Careerplanetinfotech Blog..

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