5 Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Shortlisted for Interview

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Being a Placement Consultancy in Delhi since 10 years, we’re observing a trend that’s prevailing in the placement industry these days and we thought to discuss this in our daily blog.

5 Mistakes to Avoid After Shortlisted for Interview for Interview

Delhi NCR attracts job seekers from all parts of the country as it is full of multinational companies and job opportunities. The abundance of jobs in Delhi is causing a negligence in job seekers’ minds which force them to make mistakes that should be avoided after getting shortlisted for an interview in a multinational company or a local firm. This blog will turn out to be an eye-opener for all those job seekers who’re looking out for good career opportunities in Delhi NCR.

False Facts

Whether you’ve taken a career break (even for a shorter period) or have scored less in any exam, you’ve to be truthful while mentioning the details in your resume and during a face-to-face interview. Human resource personalities are very good face readers and often have very good contacts, and they cross-check every detail that is being mentioned in your resume. So, in case they find any false fact in your resume, they may either reject your resume even after being shortlisted or may even blacklist you in extreme cases.

Avoiding Recruiter’s Call

This is one of the biggest mistakes which is being done by experienced and freshers both after getting shortlisted. Persons who do this thing portray a selfish mindset, which can be harmful in long-term. Career Planet suggests to not avoid recruiter’s call after being shortlisted as this might result in losing a great career opportunity.

Not Being Punctual

Management in top companies everywhere know the value of time, and they want the same in their employees as well. Being late for an interview after getting shortlisted can impose an impunctual behavior which in itself is a negative point for getting selected.

Copy of Resume

Career experts at Career Planet Infotech suggest to always keep an extra hard copy of resume; a soft copy can also work. And, it should be the same which has been given to the recruitment agency, otherwise, there will be a contradiction of facts.

Not taking a Follow Up

So, you got the congratulating news of getting shortlisted for a face-to-face interview and the interview date is still to be confirmed. Now What? It doesn’t mean that you’ll stop taking follow up from the recruiter, neither it means that you’ll call every second hour for confirmation. You need to take a gentle follow-up from the recruiter to know the process updates.

So now you’re well aware of the 5 mistakes that you should avoid after getting shortlisted for an interview, we wish that you attain success in building your career with everything positive. Call 8285797281 for more details and reputed career opportunities in Delhi NCR.

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