5 Silly Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Resume Mistakes

5 Tips To Avoid Resume Mistakes

Whether you have years of experience working on senior levels or are on the way to make a career in the certain field, building a good resume will always be the top priorities. A resume is a first and very important step that defines your strategies for marketing yourself. So, you should be very careful about what and how you are marketing yourself in a resume and giving no chance to anyone to reject you. Career experts at Career Planet Infotech – reputed recruitment agency in Delhi NCR, advice to avoid these 5 silly resume mistakes before you post it to any recruiter or a company’s HR.

Bad Grammar

This is a big No-No! Grammar mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation marks, and unformatted text are some of the basic mistakes but can be dangerous enough to cost you your dream job. So, we advise to devote some extra time and read and re-read your resume before pressing the Enter key.

Too short or too long

This is one of the very common resume mistakes which is sometimes not realized by the resume writer. The ideal resume should be 1-2 pages, based on the span of work experience. Where a too long resume is exhausting for recruiters to scan which results in missing out relevant things during mass recruitment, a very short resume gives out nothing substantial to a recruiter to assess.

Too much of skills

Recruiters avoid looking out for resumes that look like a skill chart or a menu of skills. One cannot be good at everything and the recruiter knows that too. So, it is quite irrelevant and a waste of time to fill your resume bragging about all those skill sets that would be required doing the specific job. It does more bad than good to grab chances of getting an interview call. After all, you should keep something for the personal interview as well.

Using shorthand

We all belong to the WhatsApp generation, which has put in a habit of using short forms in us. Short forms don’t look good on a resume because a resume is a professional document and should be treated like one. Short forms in a resume mark a wrong impression of unprofessionalism and put off recruiters. It makes it difficult for them to scan through and comprehend relevant information from the resume.

Incorrect contact information

You should not and you MUST not do this silly mistake. Putting wrong contact information is something that can really cost you a job opportunity that you might deserve. Recruiters like us find many resumes on the daily basis that have incorrect contact information. Most of the times people forget to update their offline and online resumes to with most recent contact information.

Other than this, we advise the job seekers to use a professional sounding email address which puts a good impression on the reader. Avoid these resume mistakes and explore more Jobs or career opportunities with us.

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