Backlinks in SEO and their Vital Importance for a Successful Website


Backlinks are some of the main building blocks of SEO and they have become important to the scope of search engine optimization. For major search engines including Google, a page with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher. Ever since Google rolled out its Penguin algorithm the whole concept of back linking has changed, the number of backlinks on your page doesn’t matter, but rather the quality of backlinks matters. That should be contextual and relevant as well as authoritative

Common terms related to backlinks:

  • Link juice: Link juice helps with the ranking and also improves domain authority is simple to understand when a web page links to any of your articles or homepage of your website it is termed as “link juice”.
  • No-follow link: In general no follow links never contributes to the ranking of the web page. When a website links to another website, but the link has a no-follow tag, that link does not pass link juice. A webmaster uses the no-follow tag the linking is to be done with an unreliable site
  • Do-follow link: All the links that you add into a blog post are do-follow links and these pass link juice.
  • Linking root domain: This refers to the number of backlinks coming into your website from a unique domain. Even if a website has linked to your website ten times, it will only be considered as one linked root domain.
  • Low-quality link: Low-quality links are the links that come from spam sites. Such links never do good and will harm only. So always be careful when buying backlinks
  • Internal links: Links from one page to another within the same domain are called internal links.
  • Anchor texts: Mostly known as hyperlinks, Anchor text backlinks work great when you are trying to rank for particular keywords.

Why is it important to create backlinks to your website?

  • Improves organic ranking
  • Faster indexing
  • Referral traffic

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