BPO-Business Process Outsourcing

We often come across a term BPO which means business process outsourcing. As the name suggests it is a process of hiring a third party for completion of some specific task. BPO services are considered to be the cost effective measure and promises timely completion of the module. BPO services are often divided into two categories front office outsourcing services and back office outsourcing services.

Front office outsourcing services deals with customers on call, fax, email. Any kind of communication with customer comes under front office outsourcing. Here you can find list of front office outsourcing services:

  • Market research
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer service
  • Help desk
  • Sales

Other than these tasks like data entry, data management, surveys, quality assurance, accounting support all comes under back end outsourcing services. Back office services are most of the time vast part of the business and needs an expert hands.

Too understand BPO much better let’s understand the outsourcing options of BPO. When the work is outsourced within the same country of the company is called onshore outsourcing. When the job is outsourced to the outside of the company’s own country it is called offshore outsourcing. And when it is outsourced to any of the neighboring country it is called nearshore outsourcing. These are not just the terms or methods these includes lot of research and money. Nearshore outsourcing is the less considered and requires low cost and work force. Offshore outsourcing is in practice most of the times and its depends on which country it is outsourced to. On-shore is definitely requiring less time and cost less too and most promising of all.

Now you may think why we need to outsource the work. The answer to that is saving time and money. The same job can be done in three different locations in less time and cost less too as timely delivery will benefit the company and bring business.

The other benefits are:

  • Saves resources in staffing and training
  • Access to latest technology
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Freedom to choose from services of the company

Some disadvantages that needs to be considered:

  • Dependence on service providers
  • More you outsource more you delay
  • Fails in cost estimation
  • Harness of data privacy
  • Communication issues with service providers

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