Career Guidance: How to Answer ‘Why We Should Hire You’


The recruitment season is in full swing as some colleges and national courses are coming up with their annual results. Here’s a Career Guidance

Students who have cleared their graduation or post graduation are looking forward to the   Job Openings to which they were selected by niche companies or placement consultants during their placement drive. Those who’re still waiting for the placement are looking for career guidance and preparing answers to the most popular questions asked by HR experts of the companies. One such popular question is ‘Why We Should Hire You’.

Whether experienced or fresh talent, this question is often asked by placement heads. The strategy for why an HR expert usually asks this question is to find out how skilled you are or to find out the hidden skills within you. By asking this question, they are actually asking that why you’re the best candidate of all others and how you can make difference to the company.

Our Career Guidance Expert says that many candidates remain quite when this question is asked, and many give answers that do not satisfy the recruiter. But you don’t worry, as you’ve reached the right place to get your answers.

Here, our career guidance expert has bundled some great ways for how you can smartly answer to this question, and make a difference.

Highlight Your Uniqueness

When this question is asked, it is the right time to share what makes you unique. Share it with confidence, with a specific example to get it proved.

Showcase Qualifications

If you’re experienced enough and have the qualifications that the company might be lacking in for the desired post, then here is when you can emphasize your qualifications that can be helpful for the company in achieving some goals.

Focus on Your Positives

Present yourself as a confident and motivated candidate who’s always willing to meet the expectations of the employer. Share what you can do for the company. But focus on your positives and not on things that you cannot do.

Key Achievements can be Saviour

Credentials matter and they always come as saviors. So, if you have certain key achievements from your previous assignments, then brief them out in this order – challenges faced, action taken and results with facts and figures. This will surely turn them out towards you.

Team skills

A good teamwork is always admired. Try to highlight how you can work with your team to achieve goals. Or tell how you have worked with a large team in the past to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Choose any of the ways mentioned above, and we are sure you’ll achieve success by getting selected. Read more blogs on career guidance at recruitment  blog by Career Planet Infotech – Free Job Portal In Pan india. Call us at 9999918315, 8285797281 for latest job opportunities or send your resume at or

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