How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

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How to Self introduce Yourself in interview

Now that you got shortlisted for a face-to-face interview, don’t screw up your dream career opportunity for not knowing what an interviewer can ask. Walk in confidently by knowing the answers to all the questions that might be going on in interviewer’s mind. Here’s the career guidance on how to answer interview question ‘Tell Me About Yourself’. Mostly asked by Companies, job searchers hate answering it because they don’t get the decipher behind this question. Why? Read on to find the real strategy for what this question is asked.

1. Focus on Positives

This question is an opportunity for you to open the tone of the interview in favor of your plus points. So, try to emphasize on points that you want your interviewer to focus on. This is an opening, so you need to choose your words carefully.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

Don’t ruin this opportunity in describing yourself in a long way for what has already been written in your resume. In fact, keep it short and simple. Here, the interviewer is not interested in knowing your personal preferences and hobbies. So, provide a summary of 3-4 lines focusing on things that can be fruitful for the company and is related to the designation you are interviewed for.

3. Keep the tone confident

The tone while giving your summary as an answer to this question should be low on pitch, but should sound confident. The speed should be not too fast that interviewer misses out your good points and not too slow that he quits listening to you.

Here’s a perfect example:

Being a professional SEO blogger for 8 years, I have actively worked on WordPress and Blogger CMSs for clients like AAA, BBB, and CCC. During my working tenure in XXX Company, I served as Senior SEO Executive and a team Leader of 10 members team. Residing in the same area where the company is located, I love being on time that creates an effective working schedule.

Here in the answer above, the candidate who has been shortlisted for the position of Sr. Content Manager has summarised following points about himself/herself.

1. The candidate has 8 years of experience (which is candidate’s plus point) in content writing for SEO Platform(additional skill).

2. The candidate is a professional writer (that means he/she has not changed profession for years, and companies like professional people).

3. The candidate has disclosed names of niche clients (that can be cross-checked and it also poses a great impression on interviewer if he has heard about them)

4. The candidate has also disclosed comfortable working platforms with confidence.

5. The candidate has also disclosed previous company’s name, his/her designation over there and the roles he/she played while serving the company clearly displaying candidate’s leadership skills that might help in gaining a senior position he is targeting for.

. Companies love people who’re on time, and candidate played well with this fact by sharing his location and disciplined behavior.

7. The words have been wisely chosen, making the answer short and easy to understand.

We hope, these tips will help in making a perfect answer for this mostly asked interview question. Keep reading our recruitment blogs for more interesting career guidance articles.

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