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Contract staffing


Choosing a right vendor for temporary and contract staffing is really an important decision for employers. Contract staffing provides the flexibility that is most looked upon option among employers. Most staffing vendors are running short on both the quality and quantity of employees who can make a difference, requiring employers to seek out new vendors and new ways to procure the employees they need.

Before hiring an agency few things needs to considered and that is what we are going to discuss here.

A key factor in selecting the right staffing partner is their ability and willingness to adjust their service model to meet your specific needs. Do they have the expertise that will help your company take your staffing operation to the next level? Do they have the same values around communication and results that you do?

Very rarely will a staffing company’s off-the-shelf contract staffing service model meet your specific needs for service. How good are they at listening to your needs and bringing fresh new ideas? Most employers prefer one point of contact which is pretty much a norm in today’s staffing environment.  You need to know what factors are considered when your vendor establishes their service fees. More transparent your staffing partner is willing to be in terms of how they price their services, the more likely you are to have a staffing partner who can pass the test of time. This is a time of significant change for most staffing companies. Most are dealing with new recruiting challenges and a very changed candidate marketplace.   Ask vendors not only to walk you through each step in their recruiting and evaluation process but how that process has changed for them in the last 12-18 months.  Vendors who are stuck in old ways of doing things, are likely not going to be able to deliver the people you need.

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