Top Digital Marketing interview Questions and Answers


Each day World is getting more digital and businesses are becoming more competitive, to tackle this every business is adopting different Digital Marketing strategies. And so Digital Marketing has opened abundant employment opportunities for job-seekers who are very keen to enter this profession. It has just opened opportunities for job Aspirants, but procuring a position in this domain is not as easy. Therefore, Job-Seekers must possess that tenacity to stand out from that hard competition. Let’s say you received an interview call for the digital marketing job, Job that you have been eyeing for. Now what? Normally you will immediately Google for “digital marketing interview questions “. Right?  So I thought to lend you a helping hand and suggest you some frequently asked questions about digital marketing.

So here I go with the list of digital marketing interview questions that you can face in your first interview.

Q 1) What is Digital Marketing?

A)   Digital Marketing refers to the online marketing tactics of products or services to reach your targeted audience. . In Digital marketing Many marketing aspects uses like Search engine marketing, Social media marketing , Google ad words (PPC) , email marketing, Affiliate marketing etc. Many Business Companies Hire Digital Marketer to promote their business online.

Q 2) What are the types of Digital Marketing?

A) Digital Marketing is all about reaching your prospective customers through online marketing campaigns and digital channels like mobile, web and social media. Different types of digital marketing include:

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2) Social Media Optimization(SMO)

3) Social Media Marketing(SMM)

4) Content Marketing

5) Search engine Marketing(SEM)

6) Pay-per-click (PPC)

7) Email-Marketing

8) Affiliate Marketing

9) Marketing tools


Q 3) What enticed you to choose digital marketing as your profession?

A)  Employers usually ask such question to check your keenness, dedication, and enthusiasm you have for your chosen profession. So you must answer this question with full honesty and dignity. Never, sound greedy to the employers and never state that compensation part of the applied job attracted you the most. In fact, you must state the valid reasons, demonstrating your passion for this sector and its increasing popularity to progress your career. You can also state that Digital marketing is a fastest growing industry and you wish to make your career in growing sector.

Q 4) How will your contribution benefit our Digital Marketing business?

A)  Being a fresher you can only put forward your fresh unique ideas and creative suggestions that can make employer’s business more productive. You can talk about your unique abilities and skills that make you different from other applicants. Try your best to emphasize what value you will contribute to their organization after getting associated with them.

Q 5).How do you stay updated with new digital marketing trends?

A) Technology today is changing constantly and also changing the way business is done, highly impacting the digital marketing as well. To stay updated with new digital trends it becomes significant to read latest digital marketing blogs written by expert bloggers. Likewise, attending various event exhibitions and trade shows can provide excellent opportunities to discover latest digital marketing trend. Next, examining the opinions of various social media experts could even help you stay updated.

Q6). Where do you see yourself in next five years in the Digital Marketing Sector?

A) Employers prefer to interact and employ highly ambitious and focused people who will be a valuable asset for their organization. However, with this question, they test how much you have thought about your career. It is essential to show your passion for your chosen profession in an interview. In fact, I would counsel you to think about the position you are being interviewed for. Further, you must state all your future set targets for your professional growth within the same organization.

Q7) what is SEO in Digital Marketing?

A) SEO is a technique used for ranking the particular business website in various popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo. Where Google is the most widely used Search engine these days. SEO also helps in increasing the visibility of blog, site or pages in these search engines. It also involves various promotional activities to boost traffic to your site and Page rank it high.

Q8) what can be the ways to increase traffic to a website through Digital Marketing?

A) There are lot many ways to boost traffic on any website. One of the most successful ways is to use SEO as a traffic booster. Also posting content on Social platforms on daily basis could bring good quality traffic.

Q9)  which is the most preferred Digital Platform to have a presence on?

A) In this digital era, any business cannot restrict itself to any single social platform.  As today you need to have the presence on every platform where you find your customers are. Different Businesses have different customers so the wise decision would be to find out the platform where your maximum customers are and tail them there.

Q10) What is Google AdWord in Digital Marketing?

A) Google ad word refers to a paid advertising service which allows you to place search results for your website in search engine result pages.

Leave your comments below if this blog was helpful for you to crack your first Digital Marketing interview. Also, you may mention more questions which are not mentioned here but you have experienced in your first interview.

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