Effective Resume Writing for High Job Title Reflecting Responsibilities


Tips for Writing Effective Resume with Highly Effective Title

You have been working as an executive for years now. You want some growth and now looking out for good career opportunities that can put you to a higher job title. To get started you will have to rework on your resume. Effective resume writing is the first step towards positive possibilities which can lead your aim of achieving success. So, let’s get started.

Resume Title

To write an effective resume one must initiate by writing an effective title. It takes only a few seconds for a senior HR executive to judge whether your resume is worth moving forward or not. Most of the decisions are particularly taken by seeing the title of the resume, so now you know why a good resume title can be a game changer. Try writing a resume title with the responsibilities you handled in past. Here is an example —

Department Administrator – Efficiency Expert – Staff Manager – Crisis Handler

Just keep it simple, readable and bold. A too much gaudy font can ruin the professionalism. So be a little sober while choosing the font style.

Write Summary Headline

After that, write a summary headline which can immediately show your experience, your working area, and some responsibilities that a new position may acquire. Here is an example

As indispensable right-hand to directors have kept academic departments running smoothly for over 16 years. Create and improve systems to manage staff’s and students’ needs — schedules, records, facilities, personnel, and budgets. Go well beyond job descriptions. Initiate whatever needed to ensure projects’ success. Unflappable during crises.

Also, avoid using self-evident headline “Summary”, which is definitely not an attention grabber. This word will also not differentiate you from other applicants. So, try using an impressive summary headline.


Make a List of Responsibilities from Job Postings

To put in your best in the resume for a higher job title, you must zero in some interesting job postings and pen down at least 5 job responsibilities. Then make notes about your accomplishments which are relevant to those responsibilities. Then write them in points in the resume. This puts a great impression on the reader, plus they’re easily readable as well.

Advice for Cover Letter

We advised you do not use “To whom it may concern” word in your cover letter. It puts an impression that you are not so serious about your job and you have not enough time to find out whom you have to send your resume to. So, it is better to do a research and find out Human Resource Manager’s name and put it on the cover letter. Post resume in the most professional way possible.

We hope that these effective resume writing tips will help you in not missing a good career opportunity. Try posting a resume at Career Planet Infotech as we are the free Job Portal.  company and have career opportunities for high job titles by niche companies.

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