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Employers perspective is “Best resource is hard to find” while Job Aspirant say “Finding a good job is nerve-racking”. In any case, finding a good job and good resource is a difficult process. For organizations sifting through hundreds of applicants for one job is time-consuming. Further for Job-seekers sending resumes for any job and getting no response is gloomy. Employment Consultancy also is known as Recruitment Consultancy or Placement Consultancy is the firm came into existence to ease out this daunting task. These consultancies alleviate the hiring process by finding the right candidate for the right job.

Their core function is of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing best fit for an organization either permanent or temporary. They have in store strong database of candidates gathered from consistent advertising, sourcing through Jobs in India and by referrals. These Recruitment agencies are capable enough to fill all kinds of jobs i.e. from temporary to permanent positions.

Why Do Employers look for Employment agencies?

Hiring employees for an organization requires a huge amount of time and efforts to do it well. Hiring Manager always looks for a perfect employee for their jobs, but often they don’t have enough time. If they advertise their one single opening they get hundreds of applicants for the same job. Now employer has to look at a lot of applications before he finds the right person for the role. To avoid this struggling task they approach Top recruitment agencies that source relevant and perfect candidate for them. As a result, the employer can spend more of their time interviewing these candidates and focusing on their other business units.

Types of Employment Agencies

There are different types of Employment Agencies that help organizations to recruit best talent fresher/experienced professional for their open positions.

1) Temporary Agency:

These are the agencies that find employees to fill temporary jobs i.e. for a specific period of time. If in case you need employees for particular project i.e. for short duration or to cover leaves of permanent employees you may get in touch with staffing agencies who specializes in temporary hiring.

2) Traditional Agency:

A traditional Placement agency also known as contingency agency assist job aspirant in finding a job and helping organizations to hire right people. Job Consultancy provides the right candidates to their client’s, they get directly paid by the employer. Furthermore, these agencies also provide candidate replacement service. This means if any of the placed candidates drop out before the committed time then either they have to provide the replacement of free or give the fee back.

3) Executive search agency/Retained search Agency/Head-hunters

These firms specialize in sourcing mid-level positions to high-level positions to fill a job. These firms’ scours the country to find the best suitable candidates with the required expertise to help run your company. Next, these firms also approach candidates who are not actively looking for a new job where they try to entice them away from their current employer.

In conclusion

Placement Consultants are of great help to look when you want good people for open vacancies in your organization. However, once you develop a good relationship with a placement agency like Career Planet Infotech you can fill your future available position more quickly and satisfactorily. Also, working with a Recruitment Agency will make you feel more confident about your final hiring decision.

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