Gender Equality at Workplace Setting the Benchmarks but Still More to GO!


There are a good news and a sigh of little relief for everyone who questions on the gender equality at a workplace. Ever since women have stepped out of their homes for working in the corporate sector, gender equality has been a serious issue. But being the Best Recruitment Job Portal, we are seeing a hope, as many reputed companies across the world have set up the benchmarks in putting the gender equality some more steps ahead. Read on to know more about this!

According to a Gender Equality report issued on PR Newswire by Equileap (an organization that aims to accelerate progress towards gender equality at the workplace), it has been shown how well the world’s top public companies, across all sectors and countries, are performing on gender equality. This report is first cross-sector ranking and first of its kind which tells how much time will it take to cover up the gender gap that prevails within the companies.

The Equileap report shows that

  • 4 out of 5 companies in the Top 200 offer paid maternity leaves while two-thirds of the companies claim to provide parental leaves, which is definitely a good sign of improvement.
  • L’oreal (France), Pearson (UK), National Australia Bank (Australia), Sodexo (France) and BTG (UK) are the 5 companies who have topped the list as best performers on gender equality.
  • The top five countries having the higher percentage of companies supporting gender equality are Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, and the UK while the top three sectors are communications followed by Financial and Utilities.
  • Top 200 companies have an average of 20% of women employees against 80% of men, while other 2848 companies show 10% women and 90% men employment in their database.

With this report by Equileap, for the first time companies now are very well aware of where they stand within the sector and country and how to improve their performance by utilizing gender dividend. Now both males and females can make a better choice about companies they want to work with. Moreover, the governments and public institutions have got this new tool which can help them screen the companies, thereby gaining the diversity in employment.


There’s a scope that if the leaders will work more in improving gender equality at their businesses, other businesses will also follow up for the same. We all need to challenge the barriers that stop progressing gender equality at a workplace. Everyone should have an equal chance as Talent Itself Never Thinks About Gender When It Comes In!

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