Start-Ups and Recruitment Agencies Collaborate to Increase Opportunities for Freshers


Recruitment Agencies Collaborate with Start-Ups

2015-16 was the year when some genius minds showed their power to the world with their unique ideas and made a remarkable presence in the market. Yes, the talk is about start-up companies. The trend still prevails in 2017 and market is now flooded with amazing service providers who have just started their way onto the market and no doubt, their strategies are doing good with help of HR services provided by recruitment.

Venture capitalists and these start-ups are always looking for those brilliant minds; the minds which have the capability to change the scenario of how a product or service is being marketed and the ideas which can change the current consumer behavior and mold it in their favor.

The world is becoming more dynamic and so are the workplaces. Hence these start-up companies, which are backed with great finance powers, are always looking for employees who don’t just focus on one skill or have performed well in their degree courses or have years of experience in catering one zone.  This new requirement by start-up companies has directly affected the recruitment trend in 2017, thereby increasing job opportunities for freshers.

 1. To Pace with Changing Technologies

According to a report published in India Times, tech firms are also lacking staff for niche positions of data engineers, UI and UX, software architects and data scientists. Companies very well know aware of the fact that if they want to pace up with the changing technology environment, they will have to hire fresh talent who take more interest in new technologies as compared to the experienced ones.

2. They Welcome New and Fresh Ideas

The budding talent is more capable of coming up with the newest and fresh ideas that can be fruitful for the company. It hardly matters to companies whether these fresh talents have high degrees or not; if they have the talent, it will be seen in the screening process. This is the main reason why these start-up companies are collaborating with recruitment firms. They want to get the creamy layer from the freshers’ world from their HR services.

3. Start-ups pay well too!

It is a known fact that freshers are not well by companies, but this is an exception for freshers working in start-up companies. Start-up companies initially offer a nominal salary package, but once any fresher shows hard work and talent, they retain them by offering higher packages, as they want a progressive growth for their company. So, they pay well for a fresh talent.

These are the reasons why these companies are always looking for fresh talent and tying up with recruitment agencies which can be in the interest of the company and the budding talent too.

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