Interview Question 5: How to Answer ‘Why Do You Want This Job’


For a candidate who is giving the interview for the first time and that too in a dream company, this question seems a bit easy. Most of the first-time candidates answer it in two basic ways –

“I see this job as a great opportunity to show my potential and dedication towards my field.”
“This job will provide a great boost to my career.”

Isn’t it?? But career experts at Career Planet Infotech – the Jobs Portal in india , do not think this way. They believe what actually required is to identify and tell the reasons why the candidate is inclined towards this particular job. If you think properly, this question is a bit tricky and can easily goof you up with random thoughts and ways of answering. This may further affect your body language, which should definitely be taken care of while answering all interview questions! To answer this interview question perfectly, it is important to understand the strategy for why this question is being asked!

Why they ask “Why Do You Want This Job”?

As we stated above, this question is not at all an easy question to answer. The candidate’s answer should be well-framed and that too in a manner which may impress the interviewer. The ideal way is to convince the employer with just one apt reason that you are the one he/she has been looking for the vacant post. Your answer should cover the topics featured below. Here’s how you can do it!

1. Engage your skills

So now all the research done by you about the company will come in handy. Try to make an answer that involves your skills and the company’s requirement for this particular job. Tell them how your skill set can benefit the organization, talk about the company’s goals and how your skills will make a difference to them. This type of answer works well for experienced and fresher candidates both.

2. Talk about a company’s culture
Here’s one more way how you can express your communication skills. Just jot down some important points from the company’s background that are available on the website or you’ve heard from a reliable source. Tell them how the company always welcomes fresh skills or experience and how you perfectly fit in the company’s environment. This will provide them a chance to think that you very well know about the company’s working environment and scenarios, which can be a plus point.

3. Talk about your personal interest.
To end your answer perfectly, talk about the feasibility of location, or any personal interest offered by the company. Talk about how you always wanted to be a part of the company, but again in a smart way.

Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some mistakes that every candidate should avoid while answering this question.

1. Being too honest
2. Being too generic
3. Giving a Boring Answer
4. Giving a Confused Answer
5. Being too Explanatory
6. Being too funny

In conclusion, we can say that you can answer any interview question in the best way only when you’ve done proper research about the company. This will help in perfectly tailoring your answer. Do follow the steps featured in the blog above and you’ll definitely conquer their minds. Keep reading our blogs for more interesting Blog 

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