Interview Question : How to Answer “How You Heard About this Job Opportunity”


Interview Question “How You Heard About this Job Opportunity”

Well, you might be thinking that nobody messes with this simple interview question, isn’t it! In interviewing people that they really miss out the simplicity of this question while answering it. No doubts, nervousness, and trickiness of questioning put up by HR recruiters while interviews make candidates think that every question has a secret behind it. But career experts at  Career Planet Infotech say that this question is meant to be answered in a very simple way. Read on to know how.

1. When you make it a Monologue

Always prepare a short answer for this question and it should be true to the fact. Never try to stretch it as the recruiter is not interested to know the stories on how you heard about the job opportunity you’re interviewing for, even if it is your dream company to work with. Just keep it straight, short and simple!

2. When A Friend working in same company referred you

Don’t just even try to run your minds for thinking too much that whether you should answer this question when a friend working in the same company has referred you. We know that no one wants to feel like getting his foot in the door because of someone working in the company. Nepotism! But to answer this interview question, don’t hesitate in telling recruiter the name of the person who referred you. You can say it like this, “I was excited to know about this job opportunity from a friend of mine who works here in the ABC department.” This is a perfectly good response to this question.

3. When you forgot from where you found the job opportunity

It happens when you are facing an unemployment phase and have applied for so many vacancies. To avoid this situation, we advise to make an excel sheet with titles Company’s Name, Posts Applied, Reference Link, and Date of Application, and Feedback. This will help you in providing the correct information on how and when you heard about the job opportunity you’re interviewing for.

The sole reason behind asking this question is to find out which promotional strategy and source of the company has put you sitting on the chair for the interview. So, just keep it easy and straight, and don’t dance around making the long answers.

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