Interview Question : How to Answer “What Do You Know About the Company”


How to Answer of Interview Questions

Anyone can go through the company’s ‘About Us’ page and know about its mission and vision and how it was set-up. But when a recruiter asks interview questions That ‘What do you know about the company’ from the candidate being interviewed, it actually has got a deep sense.

When you  wants to know whether you know about the company or not, he actually means whether you care for the company’s mission or not. To get right to this question, the candidate should begin with one line that explains your understanding of a company’s mission, vision, and values.

Then include some important lines or key phrases from company’s about us page (that you’ve already evaluated before the interview) and say it in this manner, “I personally found this ABC mission approachable for me because…,” or “I am drawn towards a vision of the company which says …. because …….”

Back Up

Don’t forget to share an example or two to convince them how much do you correctly understand about company’s missions, visions, and values.

Sound Convinced

While answering this important interview question your voice should be convincing enough which can eradicate any doubts about your capability moving around in interviewer’s mind. To practice the right pitch, record your voice and then hear it. Carefully select the tone that best suits while answering this question.

Be Confident and Clear

Be confident of what you say and be clear while choosing your words as well. Just one incorrect word can spoil your interview and one correctly fitted phrase can make interviewer’s interest in selecting you. So be well prepared.

Body Language

Body language plays an important role in interviews and when you’re answering this question, we advise to keep your body straight and eyes focused on the interviewer. Don’t lose your eye contact with the recruiter while answering, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to stare. Be calm and stay focused on your answer.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll definitely score well in your interview. Keep reading our blogs for more informative blog and interview questions.

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