Top problems faced by Freshers In An Interview


Challenges Freshers Face In An Interview

Whether you work for a start-up, a structured organization or for yourself, going digital is the need of the hour. All over the world people are consuming digital content every second of their lives, making India the world’s second largest internet population; and this will grow even further in the coming years. Digital media has transformed the phase of the marketing sector by being favored by marketers all over. Even though most of us are still adapting to this changing environment, the youth is breathing the air of this  every day. In this place of competition, freshers are often suffering be it impressing with an appropriate resume or coping up with the new environment of the workplace.

Few common challenges freshers face is:

1. Require presentation skills:

All professionals are expected to give presentations as part of their job. While some suffer from the fear of speaking in public, others lack the right way of doing so. Unintentionally, their job search suffers. Despite being shy, one can learn to present themselves with confidence with a little help from colleagues or peers, thus overcoming their fear. One should know the most common interview questions for any career change.

2. Working with the People:

Working with the people is more important (and equally challenging) than your core work. Sooner you realize this, better it is. Maintain healthy relations at the workplace, it helps to keep your environment light and building connection with people helps you in many ways which you will gradually discover with time.

3. Thinking about leaving a job in months:

Be it independent local agencies or large global conglomerates, the problem of attrition persists. Owing to a growth in the number of digital channels and platforms, fresher today have access to endless opportunities. They are more interested in higher salaries and fast-track promotion as they know there is no respite from the pressure of timelines and deliveries, wherever they go. Searching Fresher Jobs They know they can jump around companies and get what they want.
-this would be easy if Companies can overcome this challenge by ensuring the right amount of movement and challenge is given to the new joined. By providing access to mentors who can administer job guidance and help them understand their role and responsibility by honing their skills, the problem can be solved to a great extent.

4. Facing the Truth:

The biggest challenge is to accept the reality of the real world- that knowledge and talent are not everything. Every day you will find someone at the top position who is less talented than you are. Most freshers have a tough time accepting this fact. But this is how the world works. Smart work combined with the right tactics and persistence will help you in this world. Start with a fresh approach.

5. Uninformative job descriptions:

Candidates depend on job descriptions to know whether if they are suited to the job and should apply for the position. However, lack of guidance, either because they are too long or too short. Glutting a jobs description with every imaginable detail does not give the candidate a good idea of what is actually important. Then, if a job description is too short, it may not tell the candidate what the important skills and abilities and tasks are, and what the salary and benefits include. In these situations, fresher are effectively hunting blind.

6. Too many places to look:

There are dozens of places that freshers can look for open positions. They can use online resources including LinkedIn, job boards, and employer websites, go to networking and industry events, and look through newspapers and trade magazines, and these options are only the tip of the iceberg. The problem is that with so many options, fresher don’t know where to concentrate their efforts to see the best outcomes. As a result, they can spend months looking for a position with nothing to show for it.

7. No feedback:

Once a candidate has sent in an application, completed interviews, and spent time, effort, and energy trying to get a particular job, receiving a curt “You have not been selected for this position” can feel like a slap in the face. A major challenge is that they do not receive any feedback on their applications or interviews, so candidates do not get a chance to correct any issues or mistakes with their performance or application before applying for the next position.
Finding a position in spite of the hurdles is a challenge. However, it is a challenge that potential employers can take steps to make easier. Reviewing hiring freshers and application processes to be more efficient and applicant-friendly will go a long way towards removing the challenges within the hiring process. Making your organization’s job openings easier to find, being transparent about your company, and redoing your job descriptions will also help ease the path of the applicants that your organization needs to fill open positions and achieve its potential.

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