5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Recruitment Agency


Get Started by Asking about Expertise of the Recruitment Agency in Your Industry


Employers are always looking for the best talent for their organizations, but only few of them realize that before hiring the best talent, it is necessary to hire a great Recruitment Agency. Only a dedicated Job Portal Careerplanetifotech will be capable to look out for the rich talent pool for your organization. But the question is, how you will come to know whether a recruitment agency is good to go on or not? So, to get you started, we have prepared a list of 5 Important Questions that you being an employer should ask before hiring a Recruitment Agency. Here they are—

Question 1:

What’s Your Expertise in the Industry our Organization Serves?

Every employer knows that it is almost difficult to get the employees with exact technical skills and educational abilities within a particular area. It is here where a recruitment agency’s expertise in your industry would help an employer.


Question 2:

How do you measure Customer Satisfaction and what’s your recent score for the same?

If you want to measure future performance, then it is always reliable to look out for past performances. It is where you can cautiously move ahead with any recruitment firm. Ask them for a recent client satisfaction score. And, for a safe side, don’t rely on just three testimonials they’ll provide, as anyone can easily get three good friends to write good things about them.


Question 3:

What is your company’s Employee Turnover Rate?

By knowing recruitment agency’s employee turnover rate, you will come to know about how successful they are in achieving the best talent for their firm. You can go ahead if the agency has a low employee turnover rate.


Question 4:

What are the latest Recruitment Trends that I must be aware of?

By putting this question, you are actually asking them about their knowledge. It is advised to do your homework well before asking this question, only then you can analyze whether the agency is aware of latest recruitment trends or not.


Questions 5:

Are your rates high, low or same as compared to other HR Services providers and what do you expect from me in this partnership?

When you are satisfied by the answers of all the questions (above) asked from the agency, then you can go ahead with this question. If you want high performance from a recruitment agency then you will also have to invest your time and resources as well. Only this way you can get the desired talent from a recruitment firm. Make an informed decision based on their expertise and value of the services they provide, and not just putting on the lowest price pressure on them, as quality never comes cheap!


When you are cleared by all the answers provided by the recruitment agency, want to explore their HR services and are ready to invest your time and resources, only then make a commitment. It will help in developing a flexible workforce strategy between you and the recruitment firm.

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