Recruitment Services offered by Career Planet Infotech


Recruitment services are a great solution to boost your company’s potential. Business enthusiasts are fully aware that manpower plays a tremendous role in mobilizing any business enterprise in achieving its goals. Human resource is the heart and soul of a company. But looking for the suitable people for a company is not an easy task.Employers face numerous difficulties when searching for the best source for their organization. Employers always had to deal with all kinds of applicants poor or average and those that are not sincere about the job. Now Recruitment  are something, which are considered by many organizations to be the glue behind the task of hiring individuals. Recruitment agencies today act as very important source of manpower every company today needs to have. Also hiring a Recruitment services agency is an attractive way for cost reduction.

END –END Recruitment Life Cycle Followed by Agencies.

Recruitment Agency follow complete Recruitment Life cycle. This recruitment life cycle involves posting a job, procuring and screening candidate resumes, interviewing candidates, and extending formal offers Letters. Careerplanetinfotech  will then facilitate an interview with the company seeking to fill the required position. Placement services offered by Consultants can increase the chances of a candidate of coming in contact with the right companies. Both clients and candidates are vital to the success of the Recruitment agency.

Benefits of Recruitment Services

The client gets a suitable candidate for the vacant position.
The candidate is placed in good and satisfying company.
The Placement Agencies receives an appropriate fee for their work from the client company.

Hence Placement agency match the two sides very well and determines their success rate at talent acquisition and enables a job seeker find the right job.

Jobs in Preferred locations by Recruitment agencies

Job Seekers don’t always get job in their preferred locations most of the time they have to move to other locations .For making their career in better field they have to move away from their family and Native place. People living in small towns usually face these hurdles where jobs are scarce. So moving to a big city after graduation/PG is the only option left with fresh passouts. Now if we talk about career opportunities in big cities then looking for Jobs in Hyderabad would be the best place for freshers to start their career from . Hyderabad has emerged as the thriving job hub in the Southern India. Getting suitable jobs in big cities can be made easy by contacting placement agencies. They have requirements in bulk on Pan India basis usually, so first freshers need to find right agency having such requirements.

In also happens that some of the fresh graduates cannot move away from their place due to some circumstances.And if we talk about location where jobs are in scarce and Job seekers cannot move out of their town.Best way for them would be to connect with right Placement agencies having jobs for multiple locations For instance candidate from indore is looking for jobs in Indore can easily apply for various  through these job provider agencies.


Concluding all, Recruitment services are of great help to both the client company and the job seeker. The placement agencies act as intermediate between the client company and the candidates put forward for the position. But selection of such recruitment agencies must be done wisely as there are many fraud consultants aswell in the market .Freshers should always approach Consultants who charge only from the company and not from the candidate.

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