Role of Placement agencies in a career

Placement Agency

Getting hired!! is every jobseeker’s dream and that to with good company and good compensation. With the growth of society job industry is facing lot of competition along with the need for qualified manpower. With the advent of internet, the process of hiring and getting hired has become easier and user friendly. Placement agencies act as a platform between the job seekers and the companies hiring. Let us understand here what exactly are such agencies, what are their method of working? What is their hiring procedure?


A placement consultancy works as a link between the companies that offer jobs and job seekers in various arenas. They work as a helping hand for the companies hunting for manpower and as a guide for the job seekers with their career prospect. Both the companies and the job seekers have different reasons to hire a placement firm or recruitment firm. They offer specific solutions for different needs and purposes

  • They work for large, small scale companies
  • They have huge database of job vacancies as per salary offered, experienced or fresher
  • They refer these databases and contact the registered candidates
  • Job seekers contact these agencies through different mediums and get themselves registered
  • Then candidates wait to get calls from these agencies.
  • Job seekers highly rely on these agencies for the interview calls
  • They suggest the best available alternatives and solutions related to your queries.
  • They also provide trainings to the aspirants that will help professionals to perform better
  • They also keep a contact with successfully placed candidates to keep a track of the complaints and need of the former
  • These agencies provide end to end hiring solutions

The process of placement or recruitment involves lot of time and it is real struggle for the agencies to find enough time to do it well. An employer often has to look lot of applications before he finds the right person and placement agencies often comes as a rescue and sorts out the candidates according to the requirement of the role and post. It is a tedious task for an employer to find right people for the posts, but don’t have time to go and find these people themselves. They use recruitment agencies to do this for them, so that the employer can spend more of their time interviewing applicants. Choosing a placement agency is again a big decision to make. Google could be a help to find out what people have recently said about the agency.

From the employer’s point of view, employers don’t like agencies who send them unsolicited or inappropriate applications. Once an agency has done this with your CV, it will be very difficult for you to get those employers to look at your CV. If the agency is a preferred supplier, which means that they have already agreed payments terms with the employer, the employer will consider your application. You should also check that the agency is a preferred supplier before you apply.

If the agency is not preferred supplier, then these things could usually happen:

  • The employer and the agency agree payment terms, and the employer will consider your application.
  • The employer considers your application anyway, but does not agree to pay anything to the agency
  • The employer decides that dealing with the agency is too much hassle, and will not consider your application.


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