Take a Ride on the Most Popular Social Media Platforms


Social Media Optimisation is one of the best ways to building brand awareness.It can be termed as an alliance between SEO and social media. SMO is nothing but increasing the brand or product information by using various social media platforms or channels and communities. The aim of all these social media activities is to get maximum number of unique visitors to the website. Hence, it is very much important for a brand that the business owner is using these channels in a right way.Alternatively, you can say promoting your brand on the best social media platform is must. One can also obtain these SMO services through a certified service provider. But before coming to that, let’s have a glance at various Social Media Platforms that play a pivotal role in boosting one’s brand awareness.



Facebook is the most popular social networking channel. With 1.79 billion monthly active users as per the third quarter of 2016, it is the most important channel of networking for B2C marketing. Here, the business owner can create a Facebook page for their brands and keep posting various updates about the product, can interact with various marketing agencies or marketers and promote the brand.


It has been rated as the best for marketing purpose. The updates posted here has 140 characters tweet limit and can be sent as a tweet to increase the business visibility. The targeted clients post their views or comments and the owner can track the conversation about the business or those related to them.


It is famous among the communities or groups. Here, a business owner can find the strongest communities related to their business and can interact and promote his product.The owner can post on Google+ page, which is created by the name of the brand with text and keywords.


LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service where you can expand your business to a different audience who are mainly professionals. For this, you should set up a company page with the details of company’s activities. Through LinkedIn, one can set up a group around his business.


Images are always expressive, appealing and attract people more than a text does. With this intention, many companies try to promote their product through posting original and creative images. Gradually they become famous among the Instagram community for the visual content with most popular hashtags.


It is own by google and hereby recognizes as the 2nd largest search engine. Here, the business owner can upload ample amount of videos. Through these videos, you can spread the message and can promote the product.


It is another an image-networking channel where one can put so many images. Through images, this platform gives the opportunity to reach as much as audience you want. Here, your post can be liked and shared too.

Hope, this information will help you choosing the right platform. However, we are not suggesting you to stick to only one platform but a good combination of two or three, which suit to your business type. In this regard, Career Planet Infotech can guide you in a best possible way. Career Planet Infotech is a famous SMO Service Provider based in Delhi/NCR. Its SMO services in Delhi/NCR is easily approachable and the SMO experts ensure that your business presence is optimised in the social realm through their optimization.


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