7 Intelligent Tips to Ace Campus Placement


Tips to Ace Campus Placement

It’s mid of the year and the sun has started scorching us. But nothing can stop the youth to achieve their career goals and shine as bright as the sun is doing these days. Campus  is going on everywhere in the country’s biggest colleges and universities and companies are also looking forward to the fresh talents. Being one of the renowned  Delhi jobsCareer Planet Infotech wants to give its best to the budding talents at campus recruitments. So, here the career experts at CPI have bundled up some intelligent tips that will help fresh talents to ace campus placement.

Researching About Company

Now that doesn’t mean to just follow up the About page of the company’s website. In order to impress recruiters, one has to do a deep study on the company’s backgrounds, goals, missions, visions, financial standing, press releases, current projects, and the social activities as well. If the deep study is done and displayed in the right way, the recruiter will come to know that the candidate is ambitious.

Knowing Company’s Selection Process

The candidate can easily handle the interview if he’s aware of the company’s selection processes. Readout company’s blogs, articles, reviews on job portals, and social networks. Try to connect with existing employees or alumni to extract the first-hand info about the company’s selection process.

Polishing Your Knowledge

Campus recruiters are more inclined towards the freshers Jobs  who have a polished knowledge about latest trends. This way they come to know about candidate’s ability to understand concepts. They do not want to know candidate’s IQ when they’re asking something from current affairs, in fact, they want to know how the candidate relates the course studies and concepts to current situations, and hence they come to know about candidate’s problem-solving ability.

Highlighting Skillsets

Highlighting the competencies during the selection process is really important for every candidate. There’s always a chance of moving ahead in the selection process if the skill sets and their utilization in past is explained in a better way. So, it is necessary for a candidate to understand what the company’s requirements are and then bring in light all the skills accordingly.

Being Genuine

Being genuine to the recruiter in the campus placement is the key to crack the interview. You must have seen this in the famous movie ‘3 Idiots’ as well. So candidates are advised to take a deep breath whenever required during the interview and keep aside the nervousness to reveal the best they possess. Honestly and calmly give the answers to all the questions even if they don’t seem relevant, as you never know what they want to bring out from you, and recruiters do appreciate honesty.

Finding Smart and Creative Solutions

During a campus placement, recruiters are very well aware of the fact that freshers won’t be aware of the current corporate problems. So, in order to get the creamy layer for the challenging roles, recruiters ask creative solutions to any of the current or past problem of the corporate world. This helps them in judging the problem-solving ability and suitability of the candidate for any new post in the company.

Brushing Communication Skills

Communicating in a good way with the recruiter can help a candidate earn some brownie points. In order to brush up communication skills, read books and engage self in group discussions. This helps in raising the comfort level while talking thereby enhancing the communication skills.

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