Top 5 Reasons That Make Women Empowerment Essential


“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.”

What is women empowerment and why to do so?

Women Empowerment is not about making women physically strong nor does it mean comparing the physical strength of both the men and women. In fact, women empowerment means making her realize that like men she too has all the rights whether it’s a social right, economic right or legal right. No doubt, the time has changed a lot where women are no less than men; they are much educated, employed and independent but still, worldwide there are lot many areas where woman empowerment is quite critical. As per the surveys conducted it has been found that women constitute 50% of the world’s population and still they are mistaken to prejudice to men. Though the government has formulated the laws and rights for the betterment of the people but most of the women are unaware of these privileges.

Women empowerment is one of the key factors that contribute a lot to economic development as well as a country’s development. In many parts of the world women still feel helpless, weak, unprotected and volatile.

Through this blog, I would like to state the reasons why it is necessary to empower a woman, why they should be treated equally with men and how this empowerment could contribute to the development of the society and the culture.

1) Improve Poverty:

As already stated above that woman constitute 50% of the world’s population where women generally don’t earn and men being only the one in a family to earn endure the whole burden for better living and better upbringing of their family and their children. Thus a proper nurturing of women through education and awareness and letting them work and earn can reduce the poverty line of the country and also reduces the pressure of earning from the shoulders of their partner or a family.

2) Lower’s the level of Discrimination:

Woman Empowerment will lead to a lower level of discrimination and gender equality. Lack of strong protest, various social beliefs causes gender discrimination. Empowering a woman makes her bold enough to raise her voice against the gender discrimination and the violence. This empowerment further strengthens the womanhood where they can enjoy the equal approach to education, employment, health services, and legal rights.

3) Lessen the Domestic Violence:

Empowering a woman is one of the essential factors for making every woman strong enough to fight against the maltreatment they face each passing day. Such women prove to be too weak to take a stand against this violence or seek help from outside. Thus by spreading awareness and imparting good education among these women and further encouraging them to work and earn that is possible by seeking help from , could help bring the better outcomes for women by increasing their haggling power and their importance within and outside the family unit.

4) Make woman more independent:

No matter whether a man or a woman everybody wants to live an independent life i.e. without anyone commanding or controlling their lives. Hence woman empowerment is vital for encouraging womanhood to be independent both socially and economically that could be possible by encouraging them to work especially for all those who are dependent on their spouse or a family for their daily bread. Approaching right Placement Consultants could prove to be the best option for such women, from where they could get the right job opportunities matching to their skill set and also the job that would be convenient for them to join. Moreover, this empowerment along with economic independence makes them comprehend the capacity they exhibit to perform any task whether it’s social or commercial.

5) For better upbringing of the children:

In earlier days, women were not too educated and were not aware of how to raise and nurture their children in the best possible ways nor did they felt the importance of doing so. But in today’s modern era, the time has changed drastically, where keeping your child safe, updated and competitive has become obligatory. The development of a child is greatly influenced by the family and environment he/she lives in. A woman who is not much educated and is unaware of the facts on how to raise their children and make them socially conscious, proper education and spreading awareness among them is only the one necessary step to be taken towards every child’s well-being and development.

On the whole

Woman empowerment is not as simple as it sounds to be. It is something that needs to be taken gravely. In brief, woman empowerment is basically social and economic empowerment highly impacting their families, societies and also contributing towards country’s growth.

So let’s join and do something about it sincerely, for ourselves, our children, the future generation and for the development of the country we live in.

Reasons for women empowerment:

From home-based micro-businesses to small startups and shops, women will create over half of the 9.72 million new small-business jobs Forbes is predicting we’ll have by 2018. Not only are women creating more jobs, but the National Federation for Independent Businesses also says women-owned small businesses weather recessions more effectively and show more adaptability than men-owned small businesses. Want to have more jobs and more stability in the workforce? Support women’s business!
Financial empowerment of women spurs economic growth within a country…which can lead to the country becoming more stable, reducing poverty, and becoming a bigger player in the global market. Having more bargaining chips on the table can help a country’s leaders make better deals with other governing bodies, as well as receive aid and support more effectively. Bottom line: More empowered women mean more safety and security. So women empowerment is extremely important.
Are you a social activist? Do you hate big corporations like Coca Cola and Unilever? Did you camp out in Zuccotti Park with the rest of Occupy? The social, political, and financial empowerment of women would require massive shifts and changes to the status quo…
When policymakers are mostly men, it seems like the needs of women (and a lot of other people) get thrown by the wayside. When women stand up in political forums, we get legislation that can save lives, protect young girls, women rights, and provide access to needed health care. If we want our daughters to have the care they need in the future, we need more women in political power now. Empowerment for everyone!

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