How to Write Mommy Gap Resume


It is a tough thing to start the career for after maternity leave. So, it’s important to make sure that your Mommy Gap Resume sells your skills properly.


Governments around the world even ILO is working hard to maintain a balance on employment with gender equality rules and regulations in commercial as well as non-commercial sectors. This will increase the GDP of course. No doubt that women are now obliged with increased paid maternity leaves, paternity leaves, and other maternity benefits. But the picture behind all these flowery things is a bit different.

Every working woman who has gone through maternity break plans for a comeback, but it has been observed that women around the world actually find it difficult to make a comeback after taking maternity break. Either they face rejections or get hired for a much low salary. But why to get hired for a low salary when you can make yourself noticed for a higher job profile even after the maternity break. You can make this happen by focusing on a great mommy gap resume.Now you on how to rework on a Mommy Gap resume. Here’s where you can get started with.

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Highlight Related Activities

You have to convince employers that even if you were on maternity leaves or paternity break, you’ve not stopped moving on with your career and you’ve taken best advantage of this break to improve your capabilities and keep your skills updated. These tips will also work well for women who are still on their maternity break and how they can prepare themselves for a second inning.

Voluntary Involvements in Social Activities

You’ve been on maternity leaves, but employers will only look at your resume if you have taken them as a way to make yourself strong either mentally or socially. In your resume tell where you have played leadership roles or made any difference to organizations nearby. This will help in covering the employment gap, as you’ve got your leadership skills improved.

Freelancing Projects

Include project highlights of any freelancing projects related to your job target that you’ve taken.

Continuance on Education

This is really helpful and the best way to cover up the maternity gap and employers like it too. Show that you’ve kept your skills updated by joining an online course or put details regarding the independent study.

Professional Involvements

Show that you’ve kept yourself engaged in professional involvements during your mommy break. Mention the particulars of organizations, seminars, and conferences that you’ve attended during the maternity break or parenting break.

Work from Home/ Part-time

There are numerous work-from-home opportunities and part-time jobs available for new moms. This is definitely a good option to go for if one planning for a comeback. So, clearly mention the details of work done on your part-time job or work from home offer.

Using a Job Title

You may or may not use a job title to specify your utilization of mommy break. It depends on the nature of the work you’ve kept yourself engaged. For example, if you’ve to apply for a teaching job that also involves childcare, then you can specify your parenting experience in the title in case you’ve given sole importance to parenting during your break. But if you’ve done something professional, mention that as well in the title.

Selecting the Resume Format

For those who are making a comeback after a short break, it is advised to use a combination resume format rather than chronological resume format. A chronological display will eliminate candidacy of a parent within seconds. For those who have been away from the working field for many years, a functional resume format will work to write mommy break resume.

Stay True on Cover Letter

You have to be true on the cover letter by opening up with your parenting break but also emphasize how you utilized your break for benefit of your career. This will need a clever wording play- short yet descriptive. Take help from an HR services provider to write a short yet descriptive cover letter, or read our blog on how to write an effective cover letter.

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