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Bangalore – City to grab your dream IT jobs and NON IT jobs

Placement Consultants In Bangalore

Bangalore, commended to be the ‘Silicon Valley of Asia’, is truly the IT/NON IT hub of the country. Also the city is one of the largest growing start up ecosystems. This city is home to versatile group of industries with all types of IT jobs in Bangalore and NON IT jobs. Most of the big brands more are concentrated in the major IT parks of the city like Whitefield and electronic city. Freshers/experienced professionals hunting for a suitable and relevant job can find some trending job openings from the bouquet of IT jobs and Non IT jobs.

Challenges faced by job seeker in Bangalore

Searching for a suitable job in Bangalore is very nerve-wracking experience. People always tend to find a position according to their skill sets, interests and experience. Now, searching and applying for such position is again challenging that make their job hunt frustrating experience. First, one of the top challenges that people face is to find suitable job from the pool of opportunities. At this point of time job seekers don’t know where to concentrate their efforts to get the best results. Second, if job seeker has found his dream job then lengthy and confusing application and hiring process make them frustrated where they are barely updated by the employer on their application. Last but not the least Job seekers often spend couple of hours in researching for potential employers. Unfortunately they fail to apply with such companies due to lack of company details and information that is not accessible. Recruitment agencies in Bangalore

Recruitment agencies in Bangalore to overcome the job hunt challenges

No doubt searching for a job is emotionally stressful. Therefore getting linked with professional recruitment consultants in bangalore can help eliminate this emotional stress. These agencies are in the trenches on a daily basis with the candidates and the employers. Candidates are often not getting any feedback from the employers after getting interviewed or after applying for an opening. Employers never update such candidates that why they aren’t the right fit for a position they have applied for. However, when candidates get connected with recruitment agencies in Bangalore they get access to this kind of information. Now this can help them improve their skills and search accordingly. Recruiters actually have insights that job seeker can’t get anywhere else. Next, employers too trust their recruitment partners whom they share all the confidential open positions with them. By doing so employers give access to the hidden jobs to their recruiting partners.

Types of Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment Agencies use unique methods to source, screen, shortlist, and select the resources as per the requirements of the organization. Organization also utilizes several outlets to reach the potential Job seekers. They classify recruitment in two different categories:

  • Internal source of recruitment
  • External source of recruitment
Internal source of recruitment

When any position comes up in an organization, it get posted on the company's intranet and in common areas. If an employee is interested in the position, he is normally required to go through a similar process as an external candidate. The employee will then submit his resume and cover letter to HR. If he is qualified, the employee will be scheduled for an interview with HR and the hiring manager.

Benefits of Internal recruitment:

  • No hiring costs involved and is less time consuming.
  • Easy to pick best talent within an organization.
  • No need of induction and training.
  • Develops employee loyalty towards organization.
External Source of recruitment:

This source of recruitment is done through recruitment agencies, job portals, Campus recruitments,references or network. External source of recruitment is bit expensive and tough as it involves hiring costs, paying to recruitment agencies .

Benefits of external source of recruitment

  • It encourages new opportunities for Job seekers.
  • Less chances of partiality.
  • Able to recruit the skills it needs.
  • Selecting right candidate from pool of candidates appearing for an interview.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a job and don’t have clarity consider a placement consultancy in bangalore. And thus these agencies help you land your dream job with clearly marked path to it.

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